Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Online get paid to do scams

The internet is a rife with scammers and morons trying to part you from your money or even make you their slave? What make you their slave what is that supposed to mean? Well their are scammers out their that will promise you money for your time and work... but obviously it being a scam you will never get your deserved money.

Get paid to do scams

Get paid to do are scam website which target teenagers who are looking for a extra bit of cash to tied them over.. obviously teenagers will look for any apparent easy ways to get money... and it is get paid to do website that exploit this! They really do make me sick and I do hope these scammers rot in hell. Let me tell you abit more about these scams

There are various forms of these get paid to do websites and other websites offering similar kind of things. Basically the website will let you earn money or points with which you can shop for prizes on their website... earning money is said to be simple you must click on adverts... watch videos and fill out time consuming surveys! Sounds good right? NO! THE AMOUNT OF TIME YOU WILL SPEND JUST TO EARN PENNIES IS JUST STUPID...You will get richer faster by walking along the pavement picking up pennies..... These website get these adverts, surveys and videos to watch from these big affiliate websites... these websites earn big bucks from all of this.... and even more because these website will not pay the people who have been spending all their time trying to do these "offers" as they like to call them....The website will when the time comes for you to cash out or claim your prizes that you have earned your account will be banned... with a false reason for banning like you didn't follow the rules or something else.... Something to keep in mind is that these websites will have already received payment from the ad website that gives them the offers to show their users... the get paid to do website will pocket your earnings and ban you....  If you ask me these website should be banned!!