Tuesday, 8 April 2014

I see the new roster for nwsl!

Been checking out who is playing in the next nwsl season (I like the way wps have presented this roster than on the official nwsl site.. more colorful than just a whole load of boring text) set to begin on Saturday..looks quite good to be honest, you can really tell some team are focusing more on defense like sky blue and others are choosing to attack attack with plenty of forwards and that so that should really make things quite interesting. I have no idea what team I am going to support.. its not like my state even has a womens soccer team which is shame but I guess you cant have it all maybe in a couple seasons time we will see a team here in philly.... after all we were the place the Philadelphia independence were from. OOOh cannot wait till it all starts....!!! Does anyone know what the nwsl cup actually look like though? or dont they have a trophy at the end of all of this... because all leagues need a trophy right?

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