Monday, 7 April 2014

Isnt that annoying!

So it took ages planning and getting all our friends together because everyone is always busy but we finally got together to play soccer.. but then we have to stop play half way through because jessie doesn't know how to do warm up before the game properly and ends up injuring her knee.! Her is the little story... I was playing soccer with my friends and half way through the game one of my friends I saw in the corner of my eye was rolling on the floor.. I thought at first that they were just messing about but jessie wasn't she was in pain after she torn here acl...ouch... whats more at first I went over and started laughing at her.. well I wasn't to know lol, which kinda got me in trouble with my friend but oh well I think she has forgiven me now. Anyway I once torn my own acl and it isn't pleasant I can tell you. It took me a couple months till my knee got better and I think I was back at my peak.. dunno how badly Jessie has injured her knee.. she might just be a wimp but who knows! Oh well whats more annoying is that jessie had to go to the doctors and we ended up having to abandon the game, haha that probably makes me sound like a real mean friend.. Oh well she probably wont read this blog post I guess I can be as mean as I like. Jessie is on wps complaining as I speak. Anyway talking of soccer nwsl starts soon.. I dunno if it will be on tv or not but I cannot wait I gotta find out though where to actually get some tickets hopefully he in DC the Washington spirits will be playing lots of their games here that I can watch... I always wanted to play pro soccer but I never got the chance because soccer unfortunately isn't big enough in the us yet for women..grrr! I am probably am good enough to play professional if I put in the hours and training.. or am I just being big headed?

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